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    corporate gift giving out gifts gifts of knowledge. More and more in the business development on the road to do some business activities, including the provision to customers, marketing, research and development for the enterprise, for the social partners, and so on. In these business activities is very important aspect in business gift gifts. How to pick a gift makes the icing on the cake for business activities, how to grasp the opportunity in the right environment and occasion to send out gifts such as the drizzle as natural and useful lubricant is needed to look into.

    the first to talk about how to pick a gift, choose gifts you first need to give gifts category, as required for classification in conjunction with their own narrow choices, avoids the blindness of the selection of gifts.

    1, utility-type: pens, books, ties, wallets, perfumes, lighters, various rackets, most commonly used for this gift, understand customer interests oblige. Customers are easier to accept, you can slowly build a good relationship.

    2, device type: calendar, pioneering cattle (ox mascot), crystal display. Practical and economic value of such gifts is not much, mainly for customers to see.

    3, token type: transportation card (full value, of course), mobile phone recharge cards, various supermarket vouchers such gifts benefit goes without saying, send, take benefits! Is a rare good thing!

    4, luxury-type: watches, luxury gifts and other such gifts, see business to hand, not at hand when? However, remember that must touch the customer's "origin", or send is also white.

    to see how to send gifts, gifts of time must pay attention to the integrity of the packaging of the gift.

    1, directly to the company for himself

    2, through the Secretariat or the front desk (of course pay attention to packaging, not gone OH)

    3, express! (Also note that packaging)

    4, some customers sit out, and sent

    5, close relationships and trust with the customer on behalf of a third party to send