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&Nbsp;   gift-giving is an act of mutual, moderation is the principle. Generally speaking, the gifts are too light and meaningless, it is misleading to look down on him, especially the relationship is not intimate are more so, and if too light and want to find someone else to do the difficult possibility of success is almost zero. However, the gift was too expensive and will accept the gift of people suspected of taking bribes, especially the superiors and colleagues should pay even more attention. Except for a freeloader and brave King who, most people would probably decline; or, if accepted, will also pay, or will try to return in the future, is this not forced family consumption? If rejected, your money has been spent, with a useless, it will give birth to a lot of trouble, as you always say: "spend money to find sin", why? Therefore, to each other can be pleased to accept for scale, select the severity appropriate gifts and strive to spend less money, do more, spend more, good things.