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    the saying goes well, customer is God! Of course for each production and survive in the market of enterprises or companies, customers are very important. Stability of a huge customer base is the survival and the development of premises and infrastructure. Customers are free to choose between companies to send gifts in their economy. And how to ensure the allocation of economic interests and reasonable basis for context on both sides, further contact customer relationship achieve the purpose of accompanying a stable customer base, in the current market is particularly important under conditions of intense competition!

    now is the end of the season, shortly after Christmas and new year's day and the Spring Festival are to come, every time this time, has become the company and business's busy season. And customers is both his parents need to maintain good, while in the process of interaction with the customer, often exercise itself, the golden opportunity to shape their own, sometimes we also became friends with the customer, we also want to thank them for, just in time, is to express the gratitude of the Festival. How do I contact the customer relationship? How to further consolidate this year on the basis of a new customer base and maintain the stability of the old customer base? Believe that we all have their merit. But in addition to the traditional bonding methods, some to declare gifts of course is indispensable. How to send my heart, so they sent gifts customers get a good impression, is not an easy thing.

    is now a gift at the end of the good times, many friends have a gift idea, Hongbo gift company will be able to help you out, of course, according to different gifts, the authors divide customers into two categories, General customers and key customers. New and old customers can also be divided into, the more casual, primarily on the basis of the customer's corporate culture, gifts, themes and other select gift price is different. Of course nature has both male and female, at this time, sometimes have to use the neutral gift concept. Neither thick nor thin, nor make customers unhappy. When you send gifts, matching cards and other gifts, the effect will be better.