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&Nbsp;   custom gifts at gift time need to be aware of the Chinese people. Hospitality is the ages of the Chinese holidays, take this gift relatives are long-standing practices. Gift-need to know most people involved, so as to make gifts of trust, and the recipient collect shuxin. In China generally have "good things come in pairs", thus he big, big thing, send gift, good double-bogey, but Guangdong taboo: 4 "even, in Cantonese, the" 4 "sounds like" death "is unlucky. Again, white with purity of Italy, but the taboo for the Chinese, because in China, white is the color of grief, and poor color. Similarly, black is also considered unlucky, is the color of the terrible disaster and mourning the loss of color. While the red, was festive and peaceful, a symbol of celebration, widely loved by the people. In addition, our people always pay attention to the elderly to send watches, to husband and wife or lover put pears, from country to country "sending bells" and "hers", "pear" and "off" harmonics, is ominous. Also, if not for healthy people to send medicines, not to friends of the opposite sex to send personal supplies.