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    don't know what each other likes the gift right? In their daily work, and often require some commercial exchanges inevitably need each other gifts exchanged between companies. If you are more familiar with the people, after all, know about, what to choose a gift was also there. But a lot of times don't know each other's habits, because this is the initial contact that what gift appropriate?

    first, iconic products. For example, this is our products, representative products, something more high-tech content, or miniature models, including album and even postcards of their propaganda, that can be sent. Of course, the thing you have to be careful not too big. For example, car factory can't give you a car. I once went to the Faw, they sent me a new car model, the golf model, placed in the Cabinet looks good. Xiamen aviation company had sent me a Xiamen airlines 757 models, and fashion. Give such gifts to the guests, is in effect to promote their own products and technologies.

    second, a unique gift. Features include States, local and national characteristics. For example, Chinese and foreigners, kite, jade, and even chopsticks can be sent. Can also send Chinese knot Chinese knots are very particular about. A few years ago when I opened the Universiade, the most popular product is it? Is nothing but a pair of chopsticks and a Chinese knot. Vendors make a lot of money, because many of the foreign students and coaches, have never been to China, do not use chopsticks. He became ripe, also wanted to take them back. Sometimes foreign guests also like to wear Chinese clothes, cheongsam. To tell you the truth, of course, dress it, who often do not wear it. Body is different. However, they like it. I once sent a foreign children a hoop, the kind we used to play hoops, pushing the play. It can be frustrating enough, his father and his mother followed him to run, push long push near, very interesting. This is a style. There are Beijing people shake the diabolo, some people may not be familiar with, but in the eyes of outsiders, foreigners, and charm. Because not familiar with playing means.