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Small pair of chopsticks that have such a deep cultural connotation

    the earliest chopsticks

    chopsticks chopsticks, ancient book Han Fei Zi? Yu Lao: "shake like Zhu Zhou, JI terror. "Late King Zhou of Shang dynasty ruler, visible as early as the 11th century BC in China has resulted in a precision manufacturing of ivory chopsticks. In other words, has a history of using chopsticks in China has more than 3,000 years of history.

    most expensive chopsticks

    chopsticks, as Chinese traditional utensils used for thousands of years, in a particular historical period used chopsticks is useful not only, but also collectible. It was reported that Indonesia an overseas Chinese, collection of a wide range of chopsticks over more than 900, one of the most expensive pair, legend has it that a disfavored used a pair of Ming dynasty pure gold chopsticks, it is estimated that more than $ 20,000.

    chopsticks Dr

    has always been a favorite chopsticks practices passed down from our ancestors, especially the oldest man will gladly used chopsticks to future generations. Collection of chopsticks in China's most famous retired cadres in Shanghai lanxiang was hailed as "Dr chopsticks", he founded China's first private reservoirs chopstick Museum, housing a collection of bizarre chopsticks thousands, jeweled chopsticks, chopsticks, bamboo melamine chopsticks, chopsticks, ebony chopsticks cloisonne bone, Jade chopsticks, bamboo Reed chopsticks ... ... These chopsticks are unique. A double "green red" ivory chopsticks, painted mountains, only chopsticks together will throw a full image. A small pair of chopsticks is there a book on painting is worth to enjoy arts and crafts. Lanxiang obsessed with chopsticks culture research in China over the years, he worked so hard to collect the scattered in various ancient folk chopsticks, amounted to more than more than 1500 pairs, writing a book on ancient and modern monograph about chopsticks chopsticks.

    chopsticks collectable

    chopsticks from the material sense, bamboo, FIR, Juniper, Sang Huai, rosewood, ebony, ebony, jade, copper iron chopsticks, chopsticks, silver chopsticks, stainless steel chopsticks, and so on. From the shape, chopsticks have round, edge, thick and thin, flat, fine coarse and split the first two shapes craft paint, gold, carving, inlay, flower, and so on.

    chopsticks, the most precious are ivory or rhino horn chopsticks, ebony inlaid with gold and Jade chopsticks. Most popular was bamboo chopsticks, chopsticks made of natural materials.

    Hangzhou famous chopstick-chu chopsticks, Sichuan wuhou Temple lion head chopstick Wang Jiang Lou, Chengdu pyrograph Henan zhongyue Temple wood chopsticks, chopsticks, yellow crane Tower in Wuhan decals ivory chopsticks, Beijing, Fujian lacquer chopsticks, wood chopsticks of huzhou Jiang an, Sichuan, Guangdong, ebony chopsticks, Guilin pyrography chopsticks and so on.

    Beijing's ivory chopsticks, Scotch Lady, flowers or landscapes, adorned with colorful China; pyrography Guilin chopsticks, brand of natural scenery, white-and-green, elegant and generous. Jiang an, Sichuan's bamboo chopsticks, chopsticks carved Zi at the top face of the lion, Lion, Lion, Lions, two lions, living eye ring-Lion, Lion, lion mouth flexible bamboo balls. Fujian Fuzhou lacquer chopsticks, fresh colors, magnificent and attractive colors. Chu chopsticks from Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province, solid fine discount in Tianzhu mountain of refined from bamboo as raw material. Chopsticks body hot designs, mostly "good luck", "swimming long XI Feng" and "ten scenes of West Lake" pattern, and in ones head covered with a layer of light "hat".

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