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Method of identifying the Crystal jewelry

    because of its unique aesthetic value and health function, Crystal jewelry on the market more and more popular with consumers. Crystal jewelry varieties, quality is uneven, with some Crystal poor brand awareness of the product manufacturer, poor management, Crystal market, there have been some real ones, shoddy, chaotic price phenomenon. Therefore, you must pay attention to when to buy Crystal identification.

    natural crystals are usually colorless transparent Crystal, but also purple, yellow, Brown, black and other colors, when when the Crystal contains fibrous or acicular minerals, formed cat's eye quartz, Starlight Crystal, Crystal, etc. Crystal is currently on the market with fake and artificial Crystal or glass product. In this regard, through some method of identification:

    observation of appearance: natural Crystal glistening, moist, there seems to be a thin layer of oil on the surface, white Crystal white blue and crystal looks dry and pale.

    hand touch: natural Crystal cold high, greasy and not in the artificial crystal.

    testing the hardness: hardness higher than rhinestones and glass natural Crystal's two-stroke, also will see the problem.

    view color: natural Crystal is a natural formation, its color is not uniform, the same object will appear color and period may also have small traces of impurities or silk-like and luster of Crystal or glass products, high purity.