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Gifts and the concept of culture

    gift enterprises in business or business activities in order to improve or expand their visibility, increase market share (share), special order get higher sales and profits. With the enterprise logo, products with a special meaning. It has novelty and singular features, technology and practicality. Product as a gift, it often has a common people like and not willing to give up their own money to buy features. Gift giving is a kind of emotional investment, to be short the emotional distance between people, facilitating communication, communication, consensus create good opportunities.

    and gifts is also a kind of advertising, propaganda, appropriate gifts to customers established in the minds of lasting impressions.

    "reciprocity, to not to reciprocate. "---The book of rites. Qu ceremony on

    as early as the spring and Autumn period, China advocates etiquette, for thousands of years, has become a culture. With the passage of time, as the core--the cultural material gifts, also is changing with each passing day. Different times, different historical background, the gift also varies.

    blink of an eye to the 21st century, the development of the Internet has brought great changes to gift sales. From content to form more and more kinds of gifts, more practical, peak hold out new product, gift of intension and extension are unlimited extension. Gift sales channels are increasingly broad, as long as the mouse, a wide variety of gifts in front of you. Gift buyers who have a more convenient way to purchase, more choice and more concessions.