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Gift of meaning – flowers and plants

    at different times and in different countries, flower became part of history and lore. According to the ancient myth, hyacinth and narcissus are half man and half God's creatures, they died into a flower. In ancient Persia, after the suicide of a tragic lover's blood dripped where blooming tulips, tulips became a symbol of love. Flemish people have such an old custom: the bride on wedding day, somewhere in the body a Carnation flower, while the groom to find it. Japanese Peony has long been considered a symbol of wealth. Legends about the Red Rose is this: when Venus is gathering roses, fingers thorns prick, roses are forever stained with her blood. A Knight and his sweetheart, stroll along the River, he was picking little blue flowers by the River, suddenly slid into the river. When the rapids led him to death, he threw the bouquet to your sweetheart, and yells "don't you forget about me".

    today, the flowers still plays a symbolic role: we use white lily flowers to celebrate spring and rehabilitation, with Rosemary in memory. Sometimes still send lilies at the baptism, hoax-like to send mistletoe at Christmas. Spain also believe the yellow rose meant jealousy.

    flowers are a symbol of beauty and luxury, is the Declaration of love, a kind come naturally from the heart. Flowers to each other's life and happy colours. Every year more and more people know more knowledge of flowers and also greater demand for flowers.

    flowers also have trends. Most flowers keep up with popular home decorating and fashion. In our changing world, our growing need for traditional things enrich our lives.

    "exotic" plants in the United States and Europe have become fashionable, and the more unusual or exotic, endearing. Those puddles of tropical flowers and plants in Miami and Los Angeles to Chicago or Boston became a favorite of your Office or home decoration. Those from India, the Caribbean, Hawaii or the African way to put even more attractive.

    another trend is to "the garden" needs, like Larkspur, cornflowers, peonies and poppies. Casual and easily directly from the picked flowers in the garden can also be a good gift. In addition, potted flower of all are also popular, these potted flowers add patios, rooftops, balconies or indoor fun. I would like to live in the apartment house is filled with tulips.