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Gifts gifts of life bearing memory

&Nbsp;   gifts gifts bearing the memory of life, life is a journey, everyone acts as a travel guide, bright, rugged, on the road we need to treasure. When in the journey of life, a little Park, a gap discovered by accident, our emotional memories are associated with an item. Especially the gift, throughout the period is always emotional, quietly affecting the mind, that is the gift of a friend and her feeling of love. After setbacks, still could not bear to throw away some old items in your life, because in episode one, life is nothing more than two collections of words. Setting this love to the attachment of gifts, by hand in his and her life, heart the gift of a link is the token of love. He solemnly hangs a gold pendant around her neck, she blushed red knots in the Palm of his hand, also documented moments of life's Grand wedding gifts to each other in a ring. Haunted by a deep care and look forward to present, it was heartfelt care is the mother line, Wanderer of warm sweaters, is a greeting call, one exhort the peace implies infinite concern. Gifts implied appreciation, Chinese dress and jewelry, decorated all kinds of style, grace and elegance, all the unbroken friendship inadvertently reveal; men's elegance is reflected in his sharp suit later, glamour may come from an effortless jeans. Collection gift is life, a seemingly ordinary item, if it were dubbed the "gift" Word becomes meaningful. Put full feeling in one item, so the items are imbued with spirituality, dispersion of human primary colors. Receiving gifts always swayed by emotional color, filled with anticipation, and a love gift to at least triple function: fun, measure his place in the hearts of others, to their emotional messages and receive others. Reached its perfect function as gifts, gifts along with the giver becomes integral to the gift of memory, the most amazing part. Never forget an unforgettable gift, especially as a gift from the life of an important person, gift, it falls in the heart of the heavy components. Mutual understanding, appreciation and concern will also be settled with the gift and to go deeper. In life. Every design, meaning an unlimited number of gift of life, but China Light emanations of Pearl, the most memorable, the most compelling, the most powerful mental force. Gifts-the individual, you should get to know him (her): personality, charm, taste and situation. Give roses, fragrance in hand; send their love, love never ends. A memory was stopped by the gift, a gift and records, life landscape needs to treasure.