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Talent recruitment

    arts and crafts design (part-time)

    1. familiar with arts and crafts design, learn about common craft material, skilled in computer graphics.

    2. crafts and graphic design, skilled in computer graphics.

    3. engaged in the Zhejiang characteristic arts and crafts designs.

    4. Welcomes the participation of students with art expertise to our creative design work.

    5. recruit unlimited number of

    compensation: according to the number and degree of difficulty, and accounted for separately. Or negotiable!


    sales representative (Advanced) 2

    Description: promotional corporate gifts


    1. Secondary education (major).

    2. one years successful sales experience in relevant industry.

    3. good at communication, love sales and good team work spirit.

    4. computer

    5. part-time

    6. recruitment open-ended

    compensation: negotiable!


    Please send your CV to us, we will contact you as soon as possible!